How we can help...

Location is, by far, one of the biggest decisions to be made.  We're glad you've chosen Portland.  When you work with A-List, you are assured that our location rentals are qualified for filming use in person and on paper, up-to-date, production friendly, and competitively priced.  Whether you are looking to find a location or list your location, we're here to help. Based in Portland, Oregon A-List Locations is a first of its kind, locally.  We bring a standardized location service business model to the local production infrastructure, streamlining the location selection process, making the experience productive and positive for property owners, business owners, production, and the Portland community.  

Looking to find a location?

Lets do this!  The best place to start in on our Location Library page.  We have taken great care in seeking out desirable, production friendly properties, and cultivating positive business relations with each property owner./tenant. (and their neighbors)

Why work with us? We take the guesswork out of the equation.

Here's what we provide you:

  • Properties vetted for filming in person and on paper

  • Privately owned, no permit fees

  • Complimentary scouting (of our locations)

  • Industry vetted location agreement

  • Negotiations with property owner/tenant

  • Notification of neighbors

  • Unique locations exclusive to A-List


In a nutshell, you just show up.

Be first to find out about our new filming locations.  Sign up for our New Location Update at the bottom of this page. Once a month we will send out a brief update.






Accommodating...  What's on your A-List?

Interested in listing your location?

Fantastic!  The best place to start is on our List your Location page.  Here you will find detailed information on the services we provide and why you should list with us.  There are over seven thousand properties independently listed and available for filming in Portland, a majority will never be used because the are not being promoted.  This is our first and biggest duty to you as our client.  25 years of image and promotion experience in the film industry makes us real pros at this.  We do this free of charge.  We don't earn a dime until we've booked a deal for you.  How great is that?!

Here's what we provide:

  • Free marketing

  • Qualify each project/production company

  • Negotiations with production

  • Industry vetted coordination agreement

  • Industry vetted location agreement

  • Verification of productions insurance & permit requirements

  • Notification of your neighbors

  • Detailed "What to expect" prep info

  • Site Representation during film use

  • OREA licensing code of professionalism


Still have questions?  Head to the List your Location page or FAQ page.

Corinna Woodcock


Corinnas unique blend of industy experience and business education, along with a strong desire to support the local filming industry, makes her perfectly suited to head A-List Locations.  She brings an understanding of the practical aspects of conducting business in Portland.  In addition, she has assembled a reputable consulting team consisting of real estate management, marketing, accounting and legal professionals. 

Experience: 25 successful years in film/tv industry; 5 years in personal property management; 2 years in film location management, and proud Oregon homeowner.

Licenses: Property Management-OR #201232228

Education: B.S. Business Management -  Cal Poly Pomona