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Step 1

Phone Call

Once you've sent us your contact details in the form at the bottom of the page, we will call to gather some general information on your property.  Alternatively, you can just call us directly using the phone icon above.

Free Evaluation

Next, we make an appointment to come out to your place and have a look around.  We will create a property profile and be looking for amenities and features that make your property desirable for filming. Be sure to let us know what you believe makes it special.


Step 3


Finally, we take pictures of all areas available for filming use, discuss any special considerations, and set a rental rate appropriate for your property type.  Later, we will send a property management agreement for you to sign and return when you are ready.


Step 2

Whats next?  we've got you covered

Insurance Agent

In Oregon, in order to promote, represent, negotiate or collect payment for real property rental, it is the law for a person or business to have a Property Managers license issued by the OREA.  Its important to verify this before entering into any agreement for rental of your property.

Providing a location to the entertainment industry is exciting, but there are a lot of details to consider... marketing, setting a rate, location agreement, insurance, permits, payments and site representation. 


                                                                      Leave it all up to us.


Market Exposure:  This is where we make you shine.  With a comprehensive marketing campaign, we put images of your property in front of the film production professionals that make location decisions, greatly increasing the likelihood of booking. 

Setting a rate:  Every show is different.  Each comes with a unique set of considerations, as does your property.  We'll handle negotiations with the production company to set a rate everyone will be happy with. 

Location Agreement:  This spells out all arrangements between you and the production company. Loads of things to consider here.  Industry vetted, our standard location agreement covers all matters pertinent to rental of real property for filming. 

Insurance requirements:  We verify productions insurance requirements have been met, to keep your property and interests protected. 

Permit requirements:  We verify productions permit requirements, if any, to be sure filming is done in accordance with the City of Portland.

Payments:  We invoice, collect, and distribute all payments received from production company. All payments and deposits are maintained in Clients Trust Accounts.

Filming prep:  We prepare you with detailed information on what to expect before during and after filming days.

Site representation:  We provide a Site Representative that is on site during prep, filming, and wrap to be sure the terms of the Location Agreement are being maintained.  Site Rep responsibilities include:

  • Neighbor notice:  Politely notifying your neighbors before a filming event, and fielding any questions they may have during. 

  • First-in and last-out:  Opening and closing access to property.

  • Coordinating placement of production vehicles, if on property.

  • Coordinating placement of crew and equipment in designated areas.

  • Monitor all filming, staging and out-of-bounds areas, if any.

  • Coordinate with production representatives, Fire Safety Officer, Police Officers, Set Medic, if any.


Our services continue after a filming event.  We provide you with a completion package including: a copy of the fully executed Location Agreement, copies of check received from production, copies of insurance certificates, a schedule of facility use, and your own call sheet(s) showing your property as filming location.

We are a licensed property management company.  What this means to you is we are obligated by law to:

  • To deal honestly and in good faith

  • To exercise reasonable care and diligence

  • To account in a timely manner for all funds received from or on behalf of the owner

  • To act in a fiduciary manner in all matters relating to trust funds

  • To be loyal to the owner by not taking action that is adverse or detrimental to the owner’s interest

  • To disclose in a timely manner to the owner any existing or contemplated conflict of interest

  • To advise the owner to seek expert advice on matters that are beyond the property manager’s expertise

  • To maintain as confidential all information from or about the owner, even after the agency relationship ends.



There is no charge to you  until we book your property for filming.  Listing your property with us does not guarantee bookings.  The location, amenities and special features will dictate that, but we will make sure it gets seen by those making location decisions. 

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OREA License #201232228

More great news...

According to US Tax Code 280A and ORS 305.110, a special rule for certain rental use exempts property owners from paying taxes on the first 14 days of rental. This can be found in publication 527.  Please confirm with your accountant.

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